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A few Typical Problems I have worked with:

  1. Parents of children or teens who wish to be more involved with the therapy than individual therapy has allowed them.     
  2. People who have been on medication, but find it is not helping them enough.
  3. People who are looking for an MD who will do more than a 15 minute visit.
  4. People who want to work on their problems in a therapy setting and not be pushed to start a medication.
  5. Families with children struggling with anxiety related to bullying at school or self worth.
  6. Families with children struggling with anxiety related to stressors and tensions at home.
  7. Parents of young adult children who are having a hard time moving out to adulthood.
  8. Couples whose marriage started out well and then developed problems they are not able to resolve.
  9. Families of Teens who are showing distress through cutting or suicidal thoughts.
  10. Families of children who are too hard on themselves.
  11.  Adults who are too hard on themselves and with excessive worry or over negative self criticism.
  12. Families who have become so stressed with the struggles of life that they have forgotten how to play.
  13. Families and adults who have become stuck in anger as a result of various life experiences (past and current).
  14. There are many, many more types of problems I work with.    Give me a call for a free phone consultation to discuss your problem with me.   315- 415- 0607.