Rebecca King, MD

I am an MD who specializes as a therapist, who will help you move in a new direction. Are you in a place where the problems have become overwhelming? I work with children, teenagers, adults and family relationships and with couples to untangle from patterns preventing change. Changing patterns of relating is complex hard work, beyond simplified techniques. I intensely and interactively listen, helping guide you into a new, more manageable experience and find change around the complex issues you wish to work on. Therapy is powerful because our minds and bodies are amazingly adaptable, and can change and transform.

Life is very complicated, uniquely personal, and can cascade you into very 

serious problems, that become seemingly impossible to overcome. I will 

work with you through these networks of complexities. Life, raising children 

and relationships are complicated. When the family comes together for therapy, 

complicated, old patterns open to change. It takes courage to call someone else for help. Please feel free to give me a call. 

I do not use medication in my practice. 


Medical school, Residency and Child Fellowship training at:  SUNY Upstate Medical University

Board Certified

Past Important Experience

In my younger life I worked 12 years in basic molecular biology research and have a B.S. degree in biochemisty.   I am a strong critic of what is science and what is not science; of what is disease and what is not disease.  This gets confused in psychiatry.  I also will not use psychiatry to force or control someone else.  I believe choice is your individual right.  I see my job as helping you feel more empowered to be in control of your own life.

Other Professional Appointments

I volunteer my time to teach and supervise psychiatry residents and medical students at SUNY Upstate Medical University as an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor.